Retailers Guide

Selling (Normal Mode)


By default, PoS opens with 3 carts.

You can postpone up to 5 carts as long as the 4 carts have products. 

Cash Sale

Input products the customer is buying and enter amount given and click pay. 

You can add/remove product quantity and also give discount if applicable.

Credit Payment

 Search for the customer and select by clicking set customer. 

Once selected, it returns to cart to allow you finish the transaction. 

The previous and current amounts owed will be displayed as below.

M-Pesa Payment 

Enter customer’s phone number and click pay. 

Customer will receive an STK push message on their phone. 

Once the customer enters his/her pin, the transaction on the PoS will be complete.

Voucher Payment 

Under returns, you will get the voucher number. 

Copy the number.

Go back to sell and add products to Cart. 

Select voucher as the payment mode and paste the voucher number and click pay.

Once confirmed, the voucher amount will be displayed as total paid.

Incase the products tendered are equivalent to the value, finish the transaction otherwise select another mode of payment to clear the total due.

Choose the tender to use. 

Incase you pick on cash enter the amount received from the retailer and click on pay to clear the transaction.

Note: This also acts as a part payment as we have used both a voucher and cash to clear the transaction.


Details are displayed depending on date chosen.

Access the current account & debt statements, withdraw cash from current account to the bank and also transfer float from current account to the selected till.