Retailers Guide


Receive products from your suppliers through the steps below:

Search a product, click on Receive and get the pop up window. 

Choose the supplier from the drop down menu, put the price in case it’s different from one indicated and the quantity supplied 

then click Restock.

Receive products from suppliers under RetailPay:

Once you receive products from Suppliers from RetailPay, the products will have quantities on the incoming column and the barcode will be highlighted. 

Click on a product and click on Restock, a pop up window will appear as below. 

Click on Receive and the entry will be removed and quantity added to the store’s inventory. 

Product details: 

Search for the product. 

Click on the action beside the product to access the function 

Add quantity received and click Restock

Change cost and margin and click on Schedule price change to ensure the changes take effect.


Products Stats:

Click on Product Stats to view product catalogue.


Display all products that have triggered orders.



Stock take:

Logs all products of which you have done a stock take. You can use available filters to view products.


Allows you to return products returned by the customers. Click on Create return to initiate the return.  

This enables you to view all completed sales. Choose the receipt you want to work with by clicking View:

Select product (s) to return:

Once you click on return, selected products pop up so that you choose the quantity to return in case they were more than 1 unit. 

Click on Confirm to finalise the return. For retailers with printers use confirm and print voucher.

Generated vouchers will be posted under returns as shown below:

Use the return voucher to procure products equivalent to the amount. 

If new purchase exceeds the value of the voucher, the customer is required to top up the difference. 

Note: You can only use the voucher once and not partially; a product cannot be returned more than once.


Consists both suppliers under RetailPay platform and for retailers. 

Inventory and amounts owed to each of the two supplier categories are displayed on this page.

RetailPay Suppliers:

They are indicated in blue. Each supplier's SKU's will be indicated. 

Click on View and get to see the different SKU’s under each supplier.

Click on View on any product to be able to order:

Your Suppliers:

Click on Add new supplier to add your suppliers and add the fields below:

(All retailers suppliers are displayed in black)

Click on View to see products delivered by your supplier. 

Click Pay to pay for a single item otherwise settle the whole amount.


Click on Add new customer and fill in the required fields.

View all customers attached to your store, edit details if need be.

Edit customer details:

Customer sales history. Click on settle to deposit customer’s cash. 

You can also edit the limit to reduce or increase the credit limit.


View store reports highlighted below:

Help: This will redirect you to the help menu to get the manual.

Log out: Click on this to close an active PoS session.