Retailers Guide

Getting Started

To start off, you will be granted access then enter your ID and password and follow steps below:

Click on proceed to enable you register the device

Input the 2 digits for your cell number and click on send code. 

Note: the SEND CODE will be active only if you input the correct digits. Follow the steps to complete the registration.

Click on the drop down arrow beside the store name to see existing till and option to create a new till.

Click on create a new till and complete.

Below is the till created with the till ID highlighted on the top left. 

Note: We have two modes (Kiosk mode and normal mode)

SETTINGS: Click on settings > General to add the store contact details.

On Payments, set the discounts if applicable, default cart mode and till number.

Printer > will allow you to map a printer.

Shortcuts> has available shortcuts to use on the PoS.

Shortcuts> has available shortcuts to use on the PoS.

User> Show all users who are attached to your store.


Click edit to change the user roles if need be. You can also enable and disable a user. 

Account Security> Reset password for the user who is logged in.

Access Control> Roles under your store. 

You can also create additional roles from this page.