Retailers Guide

Stocktake, Debt, Advance Payments

A stocktake is done to ensure the product quantities on the system tally with physical stock when products are delivered to your shop from RetailPay. 

It can be done through the Retailer App (available on Google Play Store) or through the web (

Stocktake through the app

Carrying out a stocktake through the app is simple, just follow the steps below:

  • On home page, click on stocktake
  • Scan or type the product name and highlight the product
  • Enter the number of physical products and confirm
  • Go to the web to view the stock take log and follow process thereafter

Stocktake through the web

Carry out a stocktake through the web by following the steps below:

  • Go to Retail Outlet > Products > Stock take
  • Click on the + sign, Scan or type the name of the product, Enter Quantity counted from the shelf and submit. Please note, the quantity entered becomes the new inventory for the specific product. 

  • Under stocktake log, the products will appear showing the system & physical units, difference and whether the product is from mzoori batch.
    Red means the system had more than physical. The product could have been sold offline etc.
    Grey means the system & physical units tally
    Amber means the system unit was lower than physical. If the item was not restocked/received onto the system

Virtual Dispatch will charge the retailer all mzoori products with a negative difference

  • Select, Supply Invoices > Charges- All products charged will be displayed on line items under pending status
  • Retailer then adds to add products then view cart.
  • An invoice is created and a message is sent to the registered phone with details of how to make the payment
  • Once paid, the status changes to settled.

Stocktake Verification

This is a feature which creates a stocktake task once the retailer does a stocktake and a variance (a mzoori batch is affected) has been raised. It allows the person in charge of the shop to go and verify the physical items in the shop. Upon verification, the right count is done and the status changes from pending to complete.

The feature allows for an independent physical count of products by the person supporting the shop.

Debt Account/Statement

This consolidates 3 entries; 

  • Supplier charge for products sold off the system
  • PoS sale debt for retailers who are on Daily Sale model (Credit Merchant) and 
  • Payments for the debts

Advanced Payments

Retailers are now able to pay for products once delivered to their stores.

  • Supply Invoices > Invoices; All products supplied will be displayed under this page and on line items
  • Add products and view cart
  • When creating an invoice, a message is sent to the registered phone with details of how to make the payment


It has the following;

  • Current Account balance and a top up option
  • Debt owed. This is the debt for products sold off the system.  It has options to pay from My account (Current Account) and Mpesa (USSD). Refer to debt statements for details
  • Purchase Products:- Refer to attached