Retailers Guide

Vouchers – Return Voucher and ERV

When a customer returns an item for various reasons, they may replace it with a product of the same price or more expensive (in this case they will add money on top) Follow the steps below:

  1. Search for receipt number from history, then refer to customer receipts (printed or e-receipt)
  2. Click on returns menu next to the cart and input the receipt number. Once you enter, it will display all items purchased
  3. Reduce the quantity by either clicking on the ‘x’ or the bin icon depending on the return requested. The product to be returned will appear on the right hand
  4. A voucher is printed and transaction also logged under returns in history
  5. The customer picks another item which might have the same value or surpass the voucher value
  6. Once items are tendered, enter the voucher number and click search for verification
  7. If valid, the next window allows you to enter the customer’s number for e-receipt and redeem the voucher, otherwise, the transaction will not complete (transaction would be invalid)
  8. If the item picked surpasses the voucher value, it allows you to choose another tender in order to complete the sale
  9. On each of the above payment methods, click complete, choose to either print receipt or move to serve the next customer

ERV Voucher

This voucher is captured for all items that have returnables e.g. gas, water, and soda. The returnable value is captured on the specific item from the web. Follow the steps below:

  • While at ERV, click on CTRL+S to search for the product and add it to cart
  • You can increase the quantity if many, then proceed to print the voucher
  • Once the customer products are tendered, click on the voucher, enter the voucher number and search to confirm validity
  • If okay, provide the required details to redeem the voucher. Use either cash or mobile to complete the transaction for the balance amount

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