Retailers Guide

M-Pesa Payment

When a customer uses M-Pesa to pay, there are two options, Online and Offline payments.

To make online payments, the process is as follows:

  1. Enter the customer’s mobile phone number 254xxxxxxxxx and click pay
  2. The customer will receive a prompt message, he/she enters the pin to complete the sale then receives a confirmation message
  3. The transaction at the PoS will complete thereafter
  4. In case the customer doesn’t get the prompt message, he can initiate the payment from his phone and pay via the till number displayed on the PoS

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To make offline payments, the process is as below

  1. Customer pays through your till number
  2. Once you receive the confirmation message, click 'mobile'
  3. Enter the customer’s number and transaction ID, then click pay to finalize the payment