Retailers Guide


Selling your products just got easier. RetailPay provides you with a Point of Sale system (also known as PoS) which makes your selling experience easier and quicker while offering your customers a good checkout experience. Customers can pay for their products through cash, mobile money and cards and get receipts.

The PoS enables you to keep a record of all your sale activities and can be used on both PC's and tablets. To sell through the PoS, follow the steps below:

  1. Scan the product barcode  OR
  2. For items without a barcode, type the product name/s on the search bar and add to the cart
  3. To add more products, either click on the ‘+’ sign or click in the box and type the number of products purchased
  4. To remove a product from the cart, click ‘x’ at the end of the product row or clear the entire cart by clicking the bin icon next to the subtotal
  5. Select your mode of payment at the RetailPay PoS checkout

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