Retailers Guide


RetailPay has Return and Float policies in place which ensure the process is manageable. 

The Return process allows you to return products which have been returned by the customers. 

Click on Create Return to initiate the return process as below:

This enables you to view all completed sales. Choose the receipt you want to work with by clicking View:

Select product(s) to return

Once you click Return, selected products pop up so that you choose the quantity to return incase they were more than 1 unit. Click on Confirm to finalise the return. For retailers with printers use confirm and print voucher.

Generated vouchers will be posted under returns as shown below:

Use the return voucher to procure products equivalent to the amount. If the new purchase exceeds the value of the voucher, the customer is required to top-up with the difference. 

NB:  You can only use the voucher once and NOT partially.

        A product cannot be returned more than once.