Retailers Guide

Re-orders and the Delivery process

Automated reorders ensure that you don’t have to reorder for goods manually. As you make sales, the system automatically detects when you are running low on products and a new order is placed for more stock. The reorders will be triggered and number of products determined, based on sales done through the system and payments made to suppliers with 7 days time. 

To get re-orders, the following criteria has to be met:

  • Retailer has to have paid 70% of products within the stocking period
  • Retailer MUST NOT have an existing supplier debt
  • Products have to be sold consistently via the PoS

Click Re-orders  to see all products that have trigger orders:


The delivery process is streamlined as below:

A Retailer will be able to choose for what they want to pay for by clicking the + sign.

Once highlighted, it gives a red X sign. The total amount for the highlighted products is then added to the cart and total value indicated under purchase Products section. To pay for the products, click on Pay for 1 delivery

To pay for Products, the current account should have float otherwise the retailer will have to top up. Click pay to process the transaction. The total amount is deducted from the current account.