Retailers Guide

Technical Support

1. How do I restart/shutdown my computer

  • Press the windows key on your keyboard (bottom left, 2nd key)
  • Click on the log out icon 
  • Select the restart or shutdown option

2. What's the difference between the adjust stock and restock option?

Restock option is used when adding to the inventory after receiving goods while Adjust is used to correct inventory that has been wrongly entered  

3. What happens if I'm not able to log in to the RetailPay PoS?

  • Check that you have keyed in the correct ID/Password 
  • Confirm that you have logged in through RetailPay and not the guest account
  • Password is RetailPay
  • Confirm you have data bundles
  • If your password contains numerics check if the num lock is on
  • If your password contains alphabet check if the capslock key is on

4. Forgotten Your Password?

  •  Visit
  •  Click on log in
  •  Key in your ID
  •  Click on forgot password
  •  Key in your correct email address and click on send
  •  You will receive a verification SMS on your phone
  •  Key in the code, click on verify
  •  Key in your new password and save

5. How to Restock on POS

  •     Click on the profile icon on the POS ( top right corner)
  •     Select restock and place the cursor on the search bar and click
  •     Type the product name orGTN code and click on restock
  •     Enter the quantity and add the supplier 
  •     Click on complete

6. How to Adjust Margin on the web

  •    Visit the RetailPay website and log in 
  •    Click on shops name Under retail outlet.
  •    Click on products and select  Adjust Margin
  •    Click on the addition sign and type the products name 
  •    Enter the supply price and final retail price
  •    Click on save

7. How can I tell if my Machine has malfunctioned?

  • Check if the system unit and monitor is blinking red/orange
  • If the machine is not coming on after ensuring the power cords are okay
  • Machine is coming on and not displaying on (Check that the VGA Cable is well connected)

8. Understanding your router

  •  Check on the power signal - SIM Card signal should be blue
  •  Escalated green red and orange SIM card signal 
  •  Check if the router is well connected  to the C.P.U. Network cable signal needs to be on or blinking.
  •  Network coverage signal. Three bars means network is good. 

9. How to check reorders

  • Visit the RetailPay website and log in 
  • Click on shops name Under retail outlet.
  • Click on products and select reorders
  • Select the date range and click apply

10. My mouse and keyboard are not functioning

  •     Check if they are well connected to the C.P.U
  •     Try to change the ports
  •     Restart your machine