Retailers Guide

Orders and Re-orders

First Orders: Supplying new stores: 

What criteria will be used to supply new stores?

  • A new store can only be supplied to after 30 days of consistently selling through RP

  • They will only receive products they have sold  through the platform

  • They will receive new products after 30 days of first supply based on sales in similar categories

  • They must be fully trained and understand all our policies

How will stores recruited before the system changes be treated?

We will communicate to these retailers that we will only supply after 30 days of using the system consistently and after adequate training. We will only supply them with products they have consistently sold through the system.

Reorders: Supplying existing stores:

How will re-orders be triggered?   

Orders will be triggered based on:

  • Consistent use of the PoS

  • Whether the retailer has sold 70% of products within the 30 day stocking period

  • Retailers with Suppliers Debt and are making regular payments can be supplied to if they pay for the goods upfront

How will the order levels be determined?

  • Order levels will be determined by sales through the system, NOT on the min/max levels
  • Orders will still be fulfilled according to the lead time of 7 days e.g if a retailer sells 12 pieces of Jogoo, this is what will be supplied, not the 48 pieces that was their maximum
    This will prevent overstocking the store.

What does it mean when a retailer's order is not triggered yet they use the system?

  • Has the retailer paid for 70% of products within the stocking period?

  • Do they have an existing supplier debt?

  • Have products been sold consistently through the PoS? 

  • Machine learning detects if goods are sold consistently and won't trigger sales for those who ‘pitisha’ in order to get supplies.

What about retailers who pay on invoice and choose to sell off the system?

For an order to be triggered, products paid for via invoice must still be sold through the PoS consistently. 

Can new products be supplied to an existing stop?

New products can be supplied to an existing shop. We will share how they will calculate this based on sale of other SKUs within the same category; e.g if a retailer has never sold Pembe Wheat 1kg and would like supplies of the product, the system will look at sales of similar products like Exe All Purpose and Ndovu Wheat to determine whether they can supply and the quantity. 

Do retailers have a say in what they want to be supplied to their shop?

The system will determine the product and number that will be supplied to a shop based on sales, system usage and payment to suppliers. VD can only confirm the order with the retailer. 

How shall we be aware if goods have been on the shelves longer than the 30 day stocking period?

Items that have been in store for over 30 days stocking period will be flagged by the system. Physical visits to the store will be necessary to determine if there have been offline sales through stocktake or if there is need for product returns.

Will there be stocktake after a retailer receives products?

There will be no stock take after receiving products through the RetailPay platform. All pending stocktake notification will be cleared.
However, we will send notification for products that are beyond their stocking period and this will require a stocktake. This will be a continuous process.

Will items flagged for stock take trigger an order?

These items will not trigger an order.

Why can't I sell mzoori products from offline suppliers without float?

mzoori products from RetailPay suppliers will be prioritized and sold first regardless of when a retailer restocked mzoori products from offline suppliers. The batch a retailer receives from offline suppliers will only be sold after the RetailPay batch is sold.