Retailers Guide

Customer service

1. What are the required documents to join RetailPay?

  • Business registration Certificate
  • KRA pin
  • Business Permit
  • ID number

2. How does one qualify to join RetailPay?

After filling and signing the registration forms and also by providing all the necessary documentation.

3. Do I pay anything to get started?

No you are not required to pay anything to join RetailPay.

4. How long does the on boarding process take?

The on boarding process takes up to 3 days where stocktake and training takes place. The period can be extended depending on the needs of the retailer.

5. Do I pay for the equipment?

You do not pay for it and the equipment remains the property of RetailPay.

6. How long does it take to receive supplies?

It takes about one month but this is dependent on how consistent a retailer uses the system. The period can be sooner or longer.

7. Do I pay for stocks up front when they get delivered?

We have three payment options:

  • Cash on delivery
  • Float method
  • Daily sales

8. Who should I call when I need help?

You can reach on Customer Service by calling 0710425101.

9.  What are the benefits of joining RetailPay?

  • Full product traceability
  • Unlimited liquidity meaning minimal capital is required
  • Insightful reports which help determine performance of the store
  • Elimination of counterfeits
  • Full automation